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 Gm Application By: Alex (Lance)

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PostSubject: Gm Application By: Alex (Lance)   Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:30 pm

Name: Alex

Age: 16

Live: Ontario

Timezone: -5GMT (not sure)

Experience: I was a GM in DarkAgeMS, BulbasaurMS, BigBangMS, and i made my own server called k9ms (u can check just go to im ~Dark()Angel~). I have eperience in coding when i was working with my server. So yah...

Why should we pick you?:Well i have experience, i know alot about things that are related to servers like MySQL, Cype and so on... i know how to code npcs, and im going to try my best to make the server as popular as i can with new ideas.

Character Name:Lance

Sex: (Male or Female?): Male

Anything else: something about me: I like playing maplestory, i like to party with my friends, i like to work out (there is a program called P90X its awsome), and i like my life lol!

TY for taking your time and reading my application, i look forward for you'r reply.
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Gm Application By: Alex (Lance)
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