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 IGN: Brandon GM app.

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PostSubject: IGN: Brandon GM app.   Thu Mar 11, 2010 2:26 pm

Name: Brandon Malbog, but you can call me Bran.

Age: 19

Live: Hawaii

Timezone: Hawaii (GMT-10)

Experience: Yes, i have experience. Been GM for 4 other servers. 3 of them got shut down by the DMCA, and the last one got shut down cuz the owner hated MS -__-. I have all GM Commands and Gm Handbook.

Why should we pick you?: I should be chosen to become a GM because as in the previous question I have many experience. Also I am a very helpful guy, I'll help all the newcomers get started by showing them around and showing them where things are. Btw, since I'm 19 years old I'm very mature and aware of anything that comes in my way. Another thing why you guy should pick me is because I know how to deal with a hacker, I'd take a Screen Shot and Warn him/her, but if he/she doesnt listen I'll ban him right then and there. I believe that if I was a GM its a good thing that I'm from Hawaii, because when you guys are offline I'll be online and when I'm offline you guys will be online. Also, I play about 7-10 hours a day. Please pick me.


Character Name: Brandon

Sex: (Male or Female?): Male

Anything else: If you guys need to contact me, my MSN is

Thanks for reading my App.
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IGN: Brandon GM app.
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