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 GM App For LJ23

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PostSubject: GM App For LJ23   Sun Feb 21, 2010 5:44 pm

Name: John Park
Experience: I've GMed For a lot of other server like PhobiaMS v62 Lvl 5 Admin, And PhobiaMS v55 Lvl4 GM
Why should we pick you?: you should pick me because i wanna be a GM and i think that some servers like others I've played on most of the times no GM's on and the players quit because either theirs no GM too help them or the server is down and theirs no GM to put it back online. If i joined ill be their if any of our players need help to do something.
Character Name:LJ23
Sex: (Male or Female?): Male
Anything else:I've helped a lot of other servers owner an co-owners.I'm really loyal and nice to others
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GM App For LJ23
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