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 Victor's GameMaster Application :)

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PostSubject: Victor's GameMaster Application :)   Sat Feb 20, 2010 4:37 am






Canada, BC


Pacific Time


Personally, I have been a GM in many, many, many, different private servers. I don't really know where to start so I guess I'll start to name off servers that are at the top of my head!

V.55 Servers:

RohMS-This v.55 server was one of my close friends server. It was good and up for 2 months or so until he decided he couldn't take care of it anymore, so he shut it down. I kind of liked this server because it was made by my friend.

SphereMS-This server was a fail server. I made a very good application and got into the server but only 3 people played so I quit it -.-

CampStory-Server was average. Good amount of people but GM's overpowered players so I quit. But I think it was still a manageable server. It lacked a little bit of players and NPC's.

DragonballMS-Good server, maybe 2 GM's per 10 people. I stayed for 1 month then owner suddenly went inactive and shut down o.o

RohMS-This server was probably one of the first server's I played as a GM in. I excelled very well in this server by learning lots of commands, leadership, and lots of rules for a Game Master for levels 2, 3, 4, and even 5. I learned from minor commands such as !kill, !jobperson, !smega (name) (love, diablo, cloud), and !fakechar to other major commands such as !exp,meso,droprate, !sql, and !controlss. Although this was a very nice server, I had to leave for awhile due to me moving houses. When I came back I was de-GMed for inactiveness.

SmexyMS-Partly successful server. Had a great owner that could code very well, but unfortunately shut down after 3 months of gameplay by Nexon. If Nexon hadn't shut it down, I think it would've grown really big and I would've been promoted to Head GM or Admin from a level 4 GM because I helped out a lot and I stayed for a long time.

V.62 Servers:

MapleFunMS-Ultra fail server, I recruited for about 1 month and we finally got 5 people... It was fun being a GM though cause I was the only one besides the owner. I practiced coding because he didn't care about random NPC's in the FM so I coded some simple stuff. Quit after few more weeks because population went down to 2 people Sad

FlowerMS-I was Head GM in this server for about 3 weeks. It was fun until the owner made a VERY easy donating system. For example, 10 dollars for level 4 GM. After 2-3 days the server was packed with GM's so I quit.

ConjunctStory-I was a simple coder in this server for 2 weeks until the owner crashed the server by himself one day trying to code something and he didn't bother to put it back up...

CitrusMS-I was a GM there for 1-2 and a half months. It was a very custom server with custom NPC's, reward systems, and starter packs. Soon enough they went over board and crashed the server like the previous server I had mentioned.

SnoksiMS-I was also a Head GM in this server. The owner was a girl so she didn't really know how to run the server (I'm not being sexist but she was really weird). Anyways, she hired like 5 Head GM's and 3 Admins so I quit after the GM's over populated the players.

And the last server I remember is MapleFoxMS- I was a GM in this server for a long time. Maybe about 3-4 months, but in the end, like most servers was shut down by Nexon.

I have also played GMS and EMS before but I quit after awhile because it was too hard to level and I got bored of it. I guess GMS/EMS is fun because there's way more people to talk to and stuff, but I think it's way to hard to level.

Why should we pick you?:

You should pick me because I think I meet all the standards of being a Game Master. First of all, I have the perfect amount of experience in private servers, and in Global servers. I have been playing GMS and EMS for about 3-4 years until as I said up there I got bored of them. Then my friend told me about private servers so I decided to give it a shot. Once I started playing I couldn't stop. Especially if I was a GM in a well tended server. After GMS and EMS, I played Maplestory private servers for about 2-3 years and a half. Basically I have a good amount of experience. Secondly, I have what it takes to be a team leader. For example, if I became a GM, I could take charge and respsonsibility of the server at that time. In that time, it is my duty to protect the server from hackers or any other nusiance's such as advertisers and laggers/crashers. You may be wondering how I would catch a hacker. These are MY own personal rules and I am willing to change them for any circumstance. 1. Take a screen shot of the player hacking so that I have proof of it before anything else. 2. Give them a strong warning not to hack. 3. IF they do it agian, then that is when I will ban them. The reason why I don't ban them right away is because I like to give people second chances. Maybe the hacker didn't know it was a non-hacking server from the beginning so there is no point in banning them straight away. Thirdly, I would like to say that I will follow rules, conditions, and commands/order from any person who has a higher position than me if possible or if legible. If someone tells me to crash the server, I will obviously not do that. I would disobey without command and wait for someone like the owner or an admin. I am also trustworthy. You can count on me to do anything. If for some reason it is something that I cannot do or complete, I will push my limits until I get it right, or I would just learn afterwards because that's what a GM's there for, to learn and to help. Last but not least. I am capable of coding a little bit. This may not be a big thing, but I can code simple NPC's, or if you want me to I can learn to code and report back to show you the accomplishments I can make in just a few days. I am always trying to improve everything I do. I want to learn constantly on the job, on the spot so I think that I am worthy and qualify of being a Game Master.


You can contact me at

Character Name:

My character name is Victor

Sex: (Male or Female?):


Anything else:

For the concluding part of my GM application, I would just like to say that I am a fun and active person. I can be serious at times when I have too. I have self confidence and if for some reason I don't, I try to raise my self esteem by thinking of my past experience as a GM, thinking as if it were very successfull. I have to honest, I do not sit in front of the computer all day playing MapleStory. I DO have a life of my own and I DO enjoy it. What I am trying to say is that I will still be very active. I will go on whenever I have the time too. On week days I will go on for about 3-5 hours on average. On week ends I will go on for about 5-7 hours or more depending on my schedule. Lastly, I would to like to say that I hope to become a part of your staff!
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Victor's GameMaster Application :)
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