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 Walkmans GM Application!

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PostSubject: Walkmans GM Application!   Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:03 pm

Hi guys!

Name: Matt Smith.

Age: Born 23th of April 1994, 15 years old. Turning 16 this year.

Live: I live in Sweden.

Timezone: Seen as I live in Sweden my timezone is GMT+1

Experience: LanboMS - I was a Game Master on this server. I got the position
because I was the first to level 200 on this 30x rate server. Took
approximately 3 weeks.

- I was a Forum Admin. I got this
position because I was on the forum's 24/7 helping with other user's
with grammar and attempting to help with the spam. I was also a GM on
this server later on from being a long time player.

DagonMS -
This was a tough one. I was a GM, Forum Admin, and Mod. I got those
three position's because I knew the owner of this server. Not much more
to say here.

BerserkMS - I was a GM, Forum Admin, Scripter, and
Chatngo admin. I got these position's in the order I named them off.
And that was from helping people and being very kind when it came to
"Newbies" in helping them level, earn meso, and get equip's that were
more difficult, maybe because they were in gachapon, or needed RB
points to get them.

- I was a GM only on here. I got the position from just being a long time player.

- I was friend's with the owner and got GM aswell as Forum admin.

- I played that server for a while until I noticed that the server was lacking GM's and that the only one that was GM didn't do anything so I decided to post an application and got accepted. To bad it is now closed down.

RainbowStory -
Last but not least, this is the server I own. It started for 2 years ago called ElectroMS, then later on we changed the name to WalkmanStory, then we changed it to HawtMaple. Recently for a while it was called MapleFoxMS. Now finally I think we found the proper name. I handed over the ownership to a dear and close friend of mine. If you want to visit feel free to PM me and I will give you all the information you need for proof.
Now for some pictures: These are 2 pictures, one is from GrafityMS and the other is from RainbowStory(these were the latest servers I played). The first one is Henesys but witch changed background to look like it is night in Henesys. The second one is one of the custom morphs I have. That is a dog body with a girls head. Oh and that EdenMS that you see is because I downloaded their UI.Wz file and it looked like that. CLICK ON THE SPOILER BUTTONS FOR THE PICTURES!
Why should we pick you?: I believe that I would be a good GM, because I have been in
position before, I know how to handle all types of situations, and when
to apply necessary force. I think
it would be a good idea to have GM's running at all hours, to ensure
the server is running to its potential, and there aren't hackers
roaming around. You should also pick me because, I am loyal, I stick with all the servers
that I have played even through the DMCA's etc. I am good at handling
big tasks and making decisions on the spot. I can handle alot of
stress. I am not a complete Nim-Rod in the game. I dont horse around. I
am nice! I like to joke alot but can be mature when need be. I know
pretty much all Gm commands/ids for v62 and v75. I also have a handbook
so if I dont happen to forget I can just look at it and most of all I
am good at listening I do my best to follow instructions and do as told!

Email: SKYPE: NimbusBolt

Character Name: Walkman

Sex: Male

Anything Else?:
Here is a bit quick update about me:
Hi my name is Matt and I am 15 year old High
Schooler..My personality is very positive. I am
kind/nice/helpful/respectful/and caring guy..At school I am lacking
abit on some subjects but I would study to get my grades up so I can
get educations in the future.My favorite color is Green and my hobby is
playing tennis,basketball,dodgeball,and reading books( I am not a nerd
acually). I also like to play around with people so I can have fun with
them.. This is my paragraph about myself for now =o! Thank you for
reading my application
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PostSubject: Re: Walkmans GM Application!   Wed May 12, 2010 12:55 pm

I like the morph, but sad it isnt yours. *cough* squirrelaidsms *cough*

looks like we meet again


Dont mark that morph as your own since i made it.
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Walkmans GM Application!
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