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 Keiyuushi's Game Master Application

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PostSubject: Keiyuushi's Game Master Application   Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:51 am

My Full Name is Keishin Hiroshi Lim EunJae

I am Born in singapore and was in hokkaido for a period of time as my mum is a japanese
therefore I am half blooded. You can categorize me as Half jap or Half Chinese. Thank you.

In Game Name
List of my In Game Names
Main: Will Be Keiyuushi
Sub : Assistance
*Note* To Fellow GMs, Due to some issues and questions in professionalism, I would like to keep the rest of my characters as my own privacy as it has use of tracking down hackers as spies in players' eyes and I believed that mutual understanding between our job scopes can be looked over from here. Thank you for understanding.

My age is 21 years old this current year,
My age range can be extended from 30 year old to 8 year old as I have to encounter players with younger or older age than me and I believed I can communicate with them in my range, Age range will make my players feel comfortable speaking their problems and issues to me at all times.

Time Zone
GMT +8 (Singapore Time)
My time zone might prove some infexibility when I online to help my fellow colleagues, But I will try to adjust and be there 24/7 for any players to find me in need. Even though I might have to take shifts to control the server, I hope to work with my fellow colleagues soon. Thank you

I am a Male (All Ladies are welcome to add me or talk to me Very Happy)

Player Experience
I have been a player for some time, I understand what it is being a player and what are the needs in each and every player as I started maplestory from MapleSEA, Then MapleFoxMS and more. As a player I learnt that we do need alot of assistance from GMs, questions that we were unable to answer, Although sometimes we tend to irritate the GMs but I sincerely hope my assistance as a GM could fill in the empty negligence from the GMs in MapleSEA.

Coding Experience
I used to study scripting in school when I was young but was ages ago, Now what I could do is basic scripting and coding to assist in NPC coding or some others which I hope I am able to do within my ability. I learnt some of the scriptings from other games, Etc. RagnarokOnline , RagnarokOnline 2, Lineage2, MapleFoxMs . Although I do not have the prove with me now but I am able to prove through my abilities and I know the existence of to assist in whatever needs of coding and I hope GMs will understand as my ability is limited so I would like the GMs to understand my lack of ability and needs to copy if I have to from the rageforums. Thank you for understanding.

Game Master/Head Game Master/Admin Game Master Experience
I was a GM in MapleFoxMs,Which was closed down in a month time ago and was an Admin GM in the following server,
Be it commands,Rules or regulations, I am able to follow them accordingly. I am able to custom and help out with the server to improve with coding stuffs.

Well Enough about my good records and look at my bad records as no one is perfect, In my previous server, I made mistakes by spawning mobs for my players and assist them over my own responsibility and was scolded and given a chance by my owners. Gladly to say I changed for the better and was able to assist in whatever needs I may prove I have repent for my mistakes.

I maybe lazy, over kind, Short tempered but I will try my best to keep it at its minimum to stop my blunders and further emotions to take over my decisions and professional judgements.

I was able to advertise with the help of experiences and network and able to make use of all resources we were able to gather.
I am a very attentive person and able to observe over little details and curious to small flaws and cracks, I am able to judge things through observation and assist and advice my owners any steps to take before proceeding. I am also able to think ahead to prevent any incidents that might occur to ruin this server and protect at all costs. I am calm and yet emotional to prove that my judgement is through my thoughts of fairness and yet emotional to sympathize to unjust in all cases.

My moltivation is I could know more friends and the range of friendship could last even an ocean wide apart, I love this server as there is laughter and sadness in each times we passed but those experience is what that brought me up and learning each day of my life, That's why my determination to build this server and stay as Admin GM is strong enough to hold on.

Why do you want to be Admin GM?
I wanted to be an Admin GM is because I believed my judgement and ability could make a difference in this server,
Therefore my confidence in this server is absolute and I am able to commit in my efforts to build this server to improve at certain extents and prove my loyalty to my owners Very Happy

What can you do to help this server?
I can maintain peace and harmony in server between players and script if needed, Assist in bugs for server, Recommend GMs applications and communication with players creating rapport between GMs and players and clears misunderstandings. I can use my calm judgements to assist my owners and prove to a clear path to improve in this server at all times. Advertising is also one of the things I could help to do.

My Suggestions
My suggestions to this server is we needed more updated versions and wide range of items, mobs, assistance GMs to help out players in errs, I believed that many NPCs such as boss spawners, Maybe update of scroll NPC and addition of some other potential NPCs can still be named.

My Appreciations
Thank you for your time into reading my applications, Be it players or GMs, I hope that this application I have created helped alot in your future in the GM assistance. I hereby wish all the best of luck for everyone in the server and hope you are able to help us soon and here again I thank you. Very Happy

Keishin Hiroshi (Keiyuushi)
19th February Year 2010
23: 48 PM(Hours)
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PostSubject: Re: Keiyuushi's Game Master Application   Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:09 am

LOL I LIKE UR NAME HAHAH Very Happy and cool app good luck :]
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PostSubject: Re: Keiyuushi's Game Master Application   Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:57 am

Thanks alot erin...Much appreciated Very too...good luck
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PostSubject: Re: Keiyuushi's Game Master Application   

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Keiyuushi's Game Master Application
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