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 Matt's GM application.

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PostSubject: Matt's GM application.   Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:47 am


My name is Matt.


I am 16 years old. I am turning 17 on July 16.


I live in a house. In the East Coast of US. Above Florida, under Maryland.


I am in the EST timezone, or Eastern Standard Time for the U.S


I am currently the advertiser/gm for [Insert Name I don't want to Reveal], but it will probabaly close down. Ask IamGood about this.
And I used to be in UltraMs(Was a v.55 server). It got shut down due to lack of players.. But those were some great weeks.
ProMs was v.62, it closed last year november. I had a friend who really wanted to make a server, so I helped him out. It was up 4 days before owner quit...

Why should we pick you?:

I think you should pick me because I show that I have responsibilty, and I can hold this burden. I am quite calm, and I won't over react if somene is trying to hit a nerve. I don't favor anyone, and I have a strict no begging rule. I know how to be serious when I should be, and be humorus when I should be. I know how to make events fun and rewarding for all that participate, and I have lots of expirence with the players of different servers. I barely know how to NPC code, but I have the format for most. I am familar with most questions people would have, and they would enjoy talking wih me. I don't differ between friends and strangers, so I know how to give and earn respect accordingly. I don't really know why I should tell YOU why you should pick me. It's really your opinion of myself that counts. I am a hard worker, and I work diligently. I don't slack off, but I don't allow myself no time to rest. I have enough expirence to make this server more enjoyable for others. I know alot about hacks, and I have a few friends who know even more. I also used to hack, but not in actual maple. I have tons of Maple Experience, so I know most item names, most mob names, most maps, and how to get there. I spent most of my time exploring Maple, and I ended my maple Journey at level 126, when I gave away my things and hard earned cash. I believe in honesty, and thats what defines a person. If you cannot trust yourself to do whats right, then you shouldn't be in a postion of authority. I don't like to see people hacking, and it undermines the structure of players. I know the most used GM commands, and how to act as a GM. I think one of my flaws is my ability to forigve and forget, but I rarely show it. I never forgive someone who hasn't earned my respect. Respect is how I judge people, as worthy to gain it or unworthy to lose it. I won't leave just because I didn't get the GM spot- rather, I would learn from my mistakes and improve my next application. I could go on, but I'll stop here.


Character Name:

I quit and came back, so I will be making a new one called PopCorn

Sex: (Male or Female?):

I am of the male gender.

Anything else:

I'm inlove with soccer. I enjoy sports, I am doing well in school, and I am learning a foreign language. I can communicate with Spanish speakers fairly easy, and I try to make everyone around me laugh atleast once. I don't like to be accused, and I don't do it to other either. Innocent untill proven guilty is my motto, because it makes perfect sense. I don't ban or jail anyone unless they give me reason to. I don't enjoy banning, so I rarely get satisfied by banning someone. I don't overstep my boundaries, so I know who to answer to and who to govern over. I don't give orders tp my superiors; rather, I take orders from them and give my opinion to those I govern. The chain of command is an important thing that must not be broken. Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Good luck in picking who ever is best for the server.
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Matt's GM application.
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