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 IamGoods GM app! XD

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PostSubject: IamGoods GM app! XD   Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:25 pm

Matt Johnsson
14 turning 15 7th Juli 2010 XD
Sweden, Gothenburg a big house. xD
GMT +1 I can be very active I'm smart so I don't need school so much, 3-6 hours Monday-Friday, ATLEAST 10 hours on Weekends, And I don't have any school this week.
Wow, gosh... I have been GM in many servers I don't know where to start. I do not wish to write down all of the servers but I think it was about 20 servers.

CelthixMS(Reborn of SoulMS) I was GM/WZ packer/Editor there for about 3 days, first day I added them, he had them for like 12 hours then he removed them and made it back to normal, I was MOD in chat but he didnt remove my powers so I guess I stayed as GM there then I donated 40$ to him, a day after I quit it because I didn't wanna be there anymore. For proof go in their site and ask Celphius if he knew Matt the Wz Editor.

L33tStory v.62 This server was ok. I didn't stay here long because me and the owner got into a little fight but I was still made a GM there. IGN: IamGood but this was a year ago, so my name was Little diffirent then now. This was more then 6 months ago.

GrafityMS I stayed for 2 weeks on this server due to the fact that nexon was comming by the chatbox. After a while the owner gave up and shut everything down. They did an AD in ragezone.

Global MapleStory After PlushieMS I took some timeoff of private servers to try and play the real MapleStory again. Sadly after a couple of weeks I was bored with it again. xD I had to try out the Arans. I guess it's just the slow leveling or something.

Rainbowstory well I'm owner there but I'm not active so much theese days since I know the server is gonna shutdown soon because of lack of players......
Site I coded some player commands there.

MorShineStory/BrokenStory v.62 / v.75 for a couple of days MorShineStory,formerly known as BrokenStory or DawnMS or DentistMS, was the mostrecent private server I was a GM in. It was ok for the first few weeksand then the owner started to get on my nerves. I did all the helpingplayers/fixing some scripts for him and I never got a thank you. Itreally started to make me mad. So then I quit for awhile. He eventuallysaid he was sorry and I went back. Then a couple weeks into the newstart of the server two other GMs started getting mad at the owner andthey left. I knew then that the server would fall because with outthose two GMs the server was nothing. (They hosted a lot of events forthe players.) Then the server fell and I left. That is just a few of the servers. Also long time ago...

And you should know it's not hard to for me to recognize repacks, I recognized XiuzSource/Xotic directly on this server. This repack reminds me the most of AngelsDev lol... Because of the starter pack.
Why should we pick you?:
I feel like you should make me a GM, because I'm personable, trustable,and have a definite interest in the good of the server. I can not be tempted by pressure from people online either, so Im incorruptable. If I were to see a hacker, I would screenshot it before anything. I'm not trying to ban any innocent people. I wouldn't give anything away without making sure I was supposed to, or screen shotting the transaction for review. I understand consequences. I like the community, I like the staff, I love the rates, and the and the other things.. Please allow me to have a more active role and take the help as a GM. I would like to specialize inhuman resources, and answering in game complaints as well, and i also think it's because I have been GM on many servers becouse that means I have a big experience and that you know that you can trust me enough to make me a GM. It's different from person to person what they are looking for in a GM, some people look for people they know and some look for people that they think are fun,but I sincerely hope I get choosed for my loyalty and my experience of being a GM. You can also trust me with information that you don't want anyone else to know because i can be very trusted and if you even get to know me i hope that you can see that i am a very nice person. I know alot about hackers because I was one myself, I know what program they use and I know every symptom of the hacks. I can vote everyday and make sure people also vote. I can do all sorts of events,T/F, H&S, FS, JQ, Survivor, Invation and boss spawns. Any coding knowledge?:[/u] I have coded a little, some basic java scripts and I can also do some minor netbeans. I keep training to become better at coding npc's. I can make simple codes.


Character Name:
Will be IamGood.
Sex: (Male or Female?):
Anything else:
I am very respectful towards players, moderators, GM's, admins, owners. I never disrespect anyone unless they have offended me alot or lying. My morals will of course come into play as a GM. "Never does the human soul appear so strong as when it fore goes revenge and dares to forgive an injuryā€¯ - Edwin Hubble Chapin I strictly enforce law. I am not a bender of laws. But I am a forgiving person if you will apologize. If you apologize, you have learned that your action is wrong. But there are consequences you have to follow. An apology will not earn you an unban, but it will fix our friendship. I respect the players, and people, but respect is not a one way street. I expect respect back, or I will be less inclined to talk to them. I don't play favorites, I love everyone. Although one of my short comings is that I'm easily offended by people who cold shoulder me... I love charity. I give to charity as much as possible. Not charities for medical reasons usually. I for some reason favor poverty charities. I don't know why. I just like sharing? But I only share from what I earn myself, which means I will not give anyone anything that I have access to as a GM.
I Hope I get chosen

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PostSubject: ssssssss   Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:09 am

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PostSubject: Re: IamGoods GM app! XD   Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:59 pm

WOWWOWOW very long haha but nice lol!
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PostSubject: Re: IamGoods GM app! XD   

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IamGoods GM app! XD
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