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 Lunamaria's GM Application

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PostSubject: Lunamaria's GM Application   Sat Feb 13, 2010 8:57 pm



Live:Montreal, Canada


Experience:I was a Level 3 Gm on Fapstory, CelthixMs, & Moodstory (delusiVe). In Fapstory, Celthixms and Moodstory
I was a fun gm, active and polite.

Why should we pick you?: I don't abuse my powers, i'm active, I'm friendly and i'm not mean to anyone. I'm responsible and i take responsablity for my actions. I'm
a experienced GM and I follow all the rules. I listen to higher power Admins and respect all players and staff.

Character Name:Lunamaria

Sex: (Male or Female?):Female

Anything else: The decision is up to you to pick me or not:) but i also want to add that i really love to do events and i love to help out with them, i'm loyal to the server
I play in, and i donate when i can.
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Lunamaria's GM Application
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